Welcome to EliDogs!

Home of the most famous Eli, American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) dogs in the world.  This site is dedicated to the Eli dogs of the past as well as the future.
Our Kennels
We try to maintain and preserve some of the best stock available in this day and age. Carrying the old family traits of the Macho, Eli, Bullyson, T-Bud strain. We have a great selection of Studs, Breedings and Frozen semen from dogs going back into the 90's.
Quality & Health
We uphold our kennel to the up-most standards. Utilizing top of the line facilities, feed and care. Health is the number one focus on our farm. We are a smaller kennel, however we focus on quality not quantity.
I have literally dedicated my life to the APBT and have traveled the world and competed in confirmation shows abroad. So we are very selective in our dogs Temperament, confirmation & health. Please enjoy the site or contact us with any questions as we aim to teach not preach.
Perfect Genetics

We have a team of experts and a small on-site lab. Generations of our dogs are tracked for any gene expression deviations.

Extraordinary Results

Tons of awards and trophies from all over the world. It's the result of investment and many years of hard work. We are so proud!